Perform With Heart

The world has changed beyond all recognition. Business leaders can't afford to simply keep up. They need to develop mindsets and attitudes to be effective in continuously changing environments.

Re-envisage supports leaders to create healthy leadership cultures by connecting minds AND hearts to business objectives.



Re-envisaging healthy growth utilising the unique and proven 7C SYSTEM©. Through the lenses of; Challenge, Connection, Culture, Character, Change, Cultivation and Care teams identify collective behavioural strengths & weakness and are equipped to create a healthy, sustainable high performance culture


Our Service Areas

Our services enable you to reenvisage your Leadership Culture, Staff Wellbeing, Customer Offering and Supply Chain Value. In each, we help unlock and accelerate business growth by making the link between core business objectives and the wellbeing agenda.

reenvisage in Brief

An interview with Andrew Rodgers, Founder reenvisage

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